Hulk was a highly ritualised bloodsport that was strongly associated with the court of Chalmay, where it was a common entertainment that attracted contestants from across the Mothwing Nebula.


At its core, the game was a test of physical strength and endurance in which contestants were laid flat and immobilised by restraints on their legs and arms, before a series of weights were placed on their chests. The two (sometimes three) contestants would be subjected to the weights simultaneously, and if they survived for the designated time the weight would be increased. The winner was the contestant who could endure the largest weights without perishing.

The origins of the sport are unclear, but one widely accepted theory was that it evolved from the tortures of the Lurdapian prison colonies. There is no doubt that it found great popularity among gamblers, and it spawned a wide variety of regional variations as to the size and shape of the weights involved.

In Chalmayan Hulk, a selection of over two thousand weights of varying types were available, with the challenger choosing the first twenty to be applied, and the remainder being selected at random. This introduced a degree of strategy into the game, allowing for a higher proportion of upset wins, and increasing gambling revenues significantly.

The Riot of Maask was triggered by controversy over the simultaneous death of two contestants much sooner than expected, and the bookmakers’ refusal to honour bets. However, its impact on the planet went far beyond such a trivial cause.


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