Honder, Temma

Temma Honder was the inventor of the Eternity Drive, the revolutionary engine included with all D class Resphari cruisers.


Little is known about Honder’s life before she invented the Eternity Drive, except that she was employed by Respha Industries as a junior accountant. After the invention was made public she became a sort of scientific celebrity, and was offered teaching and research positions at various prestigious institutions, including the University of Cosmic Arts and Sciences.

Temma Honder never accepted a position outside of Respha Industries, and documents suggest that she never left Respha at all during her life. While the scientific community of the Mothwing Nebula waited expectantly for her next invention nothing ever eventuated, and Honder died in relative obscurity without making any other notable scientific contributions.

Submitted by: Izzadora Plenty

Honder, Temma

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